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Welcome to TrickSong, have a nice stay!

TrickSong is the story of Sophie, an over-imaginative girl with her magical squirrel friend (a red squirrel model come to life), Trick. Join Sophie with her friends Hannah and Brett, as they and Trick go on adventures together. The only limit is their imagination! Updates Mondays and/or Thursdays, depending on when pages are finished.


November 5th, 2012, 4:27 am


Hey guys, just wanted to pop in with a quick update to say that pages might take a bit longer/be a bit oddly uploaded over the next month or so. I'm making items for a Christmas fair and for friends, and since it's already November, those are my priority. I know it's taken me forever to get this chapter done, but hopefully around Christmas I'll get to work a ton on it :3

Well, unless I get a job. Been hunting and I've been invited to a group interview. I'm really hoping it goes well and I get a position, I need this so bad X.x

So that's what's going on right now. Update times will still only be Monday and Thursday whenever a page is done, that's not changing ^^

In the meanwhile, feel free to check out Ask TrickSong for some extra content =D

See you soon!

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